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A space with top-notch equipment in the center of Ljubljana.

It is also suitable for demanding projects and for superior results

More favorable studio rental hours

Always available: 3 flashes, 3 modifiers, and 2 backgrounds

Additional hours (1h, 2h, or 3h)

Additional maxi assistance


Possibility of free testing of Sigma lenses as part of studio rental (1, 2x, or 3x), with prior lens reservation.

5% discount on the purchase of Sigma lenses

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Zelezna Profoto-7.jpg

Possibility of free rental of Profoto flashes and softboxes as part of studio rental (1x, 2x, or 3x)

5% discount on the purchase of Profoto equipment


A Swedish company specializing in the development and production of professional photographic equipment – photographic lights and additional lighting equipment. They are considered one of the leading global manufacturers in their industry. Their products are known for high quality, reliability, and innovative solutions. They are very popular among professional photographers worldwide.

Free small format photo (Red card, 1x)

Free large format photo (Green card, 1x)

Free photo book (Blue card, 1x)

5% discount on photo printing

5% discount on photo book creation

DigiFot presents stories in the form of printed products. They ensure lasting memories that you will cherish for years. They boast top-quality printed photos, photo books, photo calendars, photo canvases, and printing on various products.

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